Nick Montana Wins NEOPMA Pro Mods Season Finale

Nick Montana Wins NEOPMA Pro Mods Season Finale

(Atco New Jersey 10-15-2016) As the end of the series drew to a close at the 2016 NEOPMA Season Finale at Atco Raceway, cool fall air had covered the Jersey pines as the 1320 warriors would bring some of the finest Pro Mods into this venue. Carnage began early with the extreme track conditions and excellent bite by the track staff. Two of the quickest and fastest NEOPMA Pro Mods were hurt early, both Fredy Scriba and Craig Pio would suffer irreparable damage, Scriba destroyed the rear in the “Sorcerer” Vette and Craig Pio would explode his dry sump tank at the finish line on an early first pass netting him 5.99 @ 240. After two rounds of qualifying an eight car field would take shape to run for the title.

1: Dean Marinis 5.840 @ 240 – The gorgeous Pappas / Marinis C7 Corvette would become the quickest and fastest of the overall qualifying. Powered by Pat Musi 903ci plus nitrous.

2: Todd Fontana 6.092 @ 210 – Clicking off the big nitrous power early Todd Fontana showed once again he can bring big numbers to each race

3: Nick Montana 6.138 @ 231 – Talented chassis builder Nick Montana would make the first couple full passes on this 69 Camaro straight out of his shop in New York with promising results.

4: Dave Norris 6.165 @ 236 – Norris has been a standout all year in the brilliant silver Camaro with supercharged hemi power, his MPH numbers prove the horsepower is there.

5: Tyler Hard 6.206 @ 231 – Struggling with traction and keeping it lit the length of the track; Hard still shows this car is making brutal power.

6: Allan Juhasz 6.492 @ 223 – The sleek black and red 70 Camaro cut through the wind to a very good ET and MPH as they have been getting a handle on making more power with this small706ci combination.

7: Glen Puluse 7.278 @ 124 – This stunning GTO has so much more left in it but the traction was limited as Puluse would try and get in the middle of the ladder

8: Angela Ray Kinson 10.908 @ 78 – One of the quickest cars in the series that does well on Atco’s surface got bit by the aggressive track conditions not getting a full pass down in two sessions.

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Written by Pro Mod Race Results, October 19, 2016

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