Pro Chassis Design performs all phases of full chassis fabrication for both race and street cars. In business since 2000 and with an impressive reputation for just as long, Pro Chassis Design can handle any project that comes our way.

Chassis Work & Repair

Our fully customized chassis designs are some of the best in the country. Give your car’s appearance the extra edge it needs on the race track with a brand new chassis design or repair. We’ll completely customize it to your preferences.

Full Race Car Fabrication

We can create a custom race car from the ground up. Our innovative designs have set us apart for years. Plus, we use only the most modern equipment for all of our performance-driven creations.

Roll Cage & Suspension

We offer only the best custom roll cages and suspensions, along with expert installation. Nothing’s more important than being safe when racing, and we’ll give both you and your chassis the protection you need.

Hot Rod / Street Car Fabrication

Pro Chassis Design has the skills and the equipment to create both hot rods and street cars from the ground up. We’ve become well-versed in hot rod trends over the years and will provide you with a car that has a truly authentic appearance.

Custom & Exotic Welding

Whether you need something welded for an existing car or repair, or perhaps a completely new fabrication, we’ll create it for you. We have years of experience in welding metal to fabricate striking designs.

Chassis Tuning

Our chassis tuning service is one of the best things you could do for your race car.  Acceleration is the key in any race and our tuning will only increase it. Whether your car needs suspension tuning, precision scaling, or suspension adjustments, we have what you need.

Race Car Preparation

Let your car run at its very best with our race car preparation. We recommend this service before the racing season to prepare your car for the stresses of racing. Our technicians will check that all of your car’s components are running well and will continue to perform at a high performance level.

Any Racing Automotive Repairs

Trust your race car only to the specialists at Pro Chassis Design. No matter what kind of repair you need to have done, we’ll have it done for you with our expert precision and attention to your car.

Contact us today for more information about our services & learn how you can get a customized chassis for your race car.